Juan Manuel Marquez Want Pacquiao Fight

by admin on April 24, 2011

Juan Manuel Marquez lightweight champion WBA and World Boxing Organization, also likes football. This is exactly why yesterday he visited the editor from the newspaper very first thing THIS asked our director Salvador Aguirre was how were the actual Madrid and Barcelona.

Juan Manuel is at the Journal of the athletes as well as for quite a long time enjoyed the aforementioned game, as well as talked about everything. Touching the topic boxing said:

“My goal, my priority in my career is called Manny Pacquiao.”

And he talked about his plans:

“For several days I started training for my next fight, scheduled for June or July. Is supposed to be considered a battle by which I’ll share my lightweight titles, and November may be the combat Pacquiao.”

Juan Manuel talked about the actual possibilities there for any third bout with filipino:

“The the truth is that it’ll not be simple to give that fight. I must agree with Golden Boy to resume the contract. I could go with them, but there is a difficulty: Pacquiao hardly accept that we face being Oscar through the Hoya with Golden Boy. Another way to make this fight would be to go to another company, or in case work as a totally free agent. First I’ll see what I can offer to address the filipino, otherwise, free work ” .

“Another point: Pacquiao recognizes that if someone has made life a hardship on me. If deep-down he really wants to fight, there is nothing to force it. But I really hope that by proudly accept.”

Juan Manuel fought with the East inside a battle that drew in the end. However, many experts say these “tables” favored Pacquiao. Then came the rematch, we were in that fight and also the truth, the decision robbed Juan Manuel, whose boxing continues to be poison to Tagalog.

2 yrs

Juan Manuel said he expects two more many boxing gloves hanging. “At as soon as I do not consider retirement. Personally i think very good, in my heyday, but I know it can come a period to express goodbye to boxing. I really hope to talk, but to be definitive. Many slopes are removed and for that reason return, simply to lose and feel sorry. The day which i go, I really hope forever.

“My plans for when you’re retired are to invest my savings in a business, to live that and conserve the money, because no amount is not over. The thing is Mike Tyson, had a bank account of Three hundred dollars million, and now is broken. He threw a lot of money on tigers, lions, cars, and divorces cost him about $ 150 million. In Vegas is a luxury store, accustomed to close and purchase up to 200 thousand dollars of clothing, wearing suits with gold lines. Those are lessons that the money should be cared for.

“For now i’m fully focused on boxing. I could not run a business and boxing, who serves two masters, one is wrong. When I retire I’ll see how I invest.”

Meanwhile, no date and safe rival, world champion lightweight two bodies goes to a fitness center three days per week, within the rest goes to other exercises, the hyperbaric chamber, and often to recharge in the Nevado de Toluca.

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