Manny Pacquiao Ready for Shane Mosley

by admin on April 30, 2011

Manny Pacquiao prepared to fight Shane Mosley

Manny Pacquiao and the trainer, Freddie Roach, gave a business call where they discussed the upcoming bout on May 7 in Las Vegas against Shane Mosley.

The first to speak was the ‘Cucaracha’ who praised Mosley and the team of training, while making certain if someone can knock ‘Sugar’ is the ‘Pac Man’

“Shane is really a tough and sturdy, it would be great if Manny seems to knock him out, that will prove that he is better than Mosley’s last opponent who couldn’t. Try to push for that fight ends prior to the 12 rounds, if you can now anesthetize Shane is Manny ”

“Nazeem can prepare perfectly to his boxers, he always gets the most juice to his students. Is a challenge to impose our game plan in it. I respect Richardson and that i realize that on May 7, Mosley might find the best ever ‘

“The first five rounds will become important, that we will see how strong is Shane and how we attack, we will not pull punches by throwing, Mosley is a great kickback”

The 2nd speaker was the filipino who said he didn’t have in mind search for the knockout desperately waiting for an amazing fight because the type of both fighters.

“This race will improve than I’d against Margarito, Mosley is faster and powerful. Something I like about him is that he throws many punches, therefore the fans might find a great fight ”

“Knock out Mosley is not an obsession, we work hard for the possibilities that can be given, knock or come to the decision. We’re ready to box for 12 episodes, but when he won before a cap will be fabulous ”

Regarding the utopian fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn’t have many words.

“It is difficult to comment on Mayweather Jr. really didn’t be aware of reason we don’t want to fight me, I’ve no idea why he will not face”

Manny said he was eager to return to the ring, because since the Margarito fight had taken a long break.

“I have wanted to win, I’m motivated, while he missed boxing”

Could not help but inquire about the possible battle against Juan Manuel Marquez.

“That’s something you need to question to Bob Arum, I dedicate myself to address, my job is to train hard and obtain in to the ring to address. I can fight anybody ”

Arum immediately spoke up and said that for the time being both Manny and Roach are centered on Shane Mosley and after May 7 will discuss the future.

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