Mosley: I Can Knockout Pacquiao

by admin on April 23, 2011

Former three-division champion and five-time champion Shane Mosley in this interview from Big Bear Lakes, California, in which the boxer 39 years practicing his fight on May 7 with the eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao in defense Universal belt welterweight World Boxing Organization.

Mosley (06/01/1946, 39 KOs) feels safe on the road to this fight using the left-handed Pacquiao to 32 years old (02/03/1952, 38 KOs), having spent almost six weeks preparing for a fight developed at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

Mosley said he’d aim to capitalize on the large quantity of punches from Pacquiao, amongst other things, and believes he has the speed and capacity to achieve a knockout.

The Pacquiao-Mosley bout is going to be televised on Showtime Ppv, whose parent company, CBS, premiered as an episode of Fight Camp 360: Mosley Pacquiao and regular television.

Any idea what about Fight Camp 360?

You realize, I honestly didn’t view it all because I’d a scheduled appointment for many unfinished business, and so i didn’t see everything. I believe it is good. I love it. I love the fact that people are still in a position to enter the camp and see what we do, and it is on national television.

Was he trying to raise the animosity throughout a press conference at Camp Fight 360 whenever you walked into a discrete Manny Pacquiao and essentially said, ‘Manny, tell the truth, I understand you knock me out around I want you? ”

Well, I understand what you are thinking and never saying everything. So what Used to do ended up being to speak what’s really thinking. I understand it is a competitor much like me and really wants to not just win but win in dramatic fashion. I know you knock me out, and that’s all I was trying to say.

Do you think it is useful or essential to any kind of animosity toward Manny Pacquiao?

No, never entered the ring with animosity. I attempt to concentrate and never go there with any animosity. Time passes there as a competitor. Thus, I must. I don’t like going there to hate the individual.

Do you consider that Manny Pacquiao can go into the ring and employ every other strategy apart from the way that Manny Pacquiao has always fought?

Basically I really hope the same style he has always used. It is a great fighter, but he’s a warrior, and I don’t even think that it may be removed. He loves to fight, and his style. Therefore it needs to fight this way against me. Otherwise, I do not as effective.

You believe back to Manny Pacquiao is necessarily victory, or does it think it might still find a way to become witty and dangerous against you?

It is not necessarily a victory simply to reverse to Manny Pacquiao, Antonio Margarito since it pushed back the entire fight and absolutely nothing really happened, he lost the fight. But a victory for me personally would really knock him out not just go the length with him and win, but transpire would knock him out. I’m seeking to prove that I’m bigger and stronger than him and actually win your dream, and that’s what I’m seeking to do. I would knock him out. A decision will be satisfactory, but I’m not looking to win by decision. I think he could start with the strategy of trying to boxearme for some rounds. But I think eventually need to are available in front and try to knock me out, what will make a quite interesting fight. And, you realize, I feel very well in training. I feel like I’m ready. I’m fit and i’m satisfied with the way in which this training is, and can only be improving. I’m happy.

Think you’re the higher ranked which has faced Manny Pacquiao?

I believe I’m the very best he’s faced rated, yes. I think he’s faced other boxers and that he has proven it may solve problems. I don’t think he has faced who is as quickly as me and really and actually possess a tight as mine.

Got a prediction?

Yes, I believe I’ll knock him out. I do not know what is going to be assault. But arriving the very first assault where you can connect squarely on the chin. But I think I will win by knockout.

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