Mosley Seeks to Surprise in Pacquiao Welterweight Title Bout

by admin on April 28, 2011

American Shane Mosley was confident of surprising the filipino Manny Pacquiao, your dream for that WBO welterweight title on May 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mosley and Pacquiao offered on Wednesday business call from their camps, by which Shane was certain that the preparation made in the mountains of Big Bear, California.

“I’m sure will be a great fight because we both like to show and our aggressive styles complement each other. I’m anxious to get involved with the ring and measure strength with Pacquiao, “Mosley said throughout the business call.

Manny Pacquiao (03/02/1952, 38 KOs) of General Santos City, Philippines, will show his welterweight crown around the globe Boxing Organization (WBO) to Mosley (01/06/1946, 39 KOs), of Pomona, California, in mourning star in the MGM Grand hotel.

“I were built with a great training camp. I’m certain it will be a great fight with a lot of action, that will control and which I is going to be victorious, “said Mosley, that has been king lightweight, welterweight and middleweight during his career.

It has been said that the only possibility for Mosley to win this fight is that if he can knock out Pacquiao within the first rounds.

“I don’t even think that is my only option. I’ve the problem for 12 rounds and I showed during my carrrera which i possess the strength to knock out anyone at any time from the fight, either early or late, “said Mosley.

The reason that has developed in the elite of boxing, “never stopped working and I prepare my perfect for every fight and this is not the exception. The public is imposed to see exciting fights after i fight and I will not disappoint. Both Pacquiao and that i take risks within the ring and that’s what individuals expect people and want to see if we can knock. ”

About the speed of Pacquiao that has given a lot trouble to their opponents, Mosley said:

“Antonio Margarito against Pacquiao landed more blows than every other rival recently and i am much faster than Margarito, so I’m certain I’ll have my chance to hook it up and hurt him.”

On two recent fights, his loss to Floyd Mayweather and the draw against Sergio Mora, Mosley said:

“I don’t even think those two fights have to do with Pacquiao, they are different styles, but I do think is this fact two matches solved the problem to obtain this to Pacquiao by the way I first viewed it.”

Coach Mosley, Naseem Richardson, said that Pacquiao has never seen a fighter like his pupil.

“Mosley has the power to knock anyone and also to alter the type of anyone. When Pacquiao feel his power I’m certain will end up a far more defensive fighter and aim to win your dream together with his boxing instead of its power, “said Richardson.

“Shane is an extremely special fighter and has faced all the great boxers of his time and has proven its value and power each time he steps into the ring which isn’t any exception,” said Richardson.

On Pacquiao, the knowledgeable coach said: “Pacquiao reminds me of Aaron Pryor. It has a much the same energy and explosiveness to Pryor and obviously did hard to get to be the best fighter on the planet and we have to respect that and work so getting excited about this training camp. ”

Mosley trained for this fight in Big Bear, California, and can go Las Vegas next Tuesday.

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