Pacquiao Trainer Alex Ariza Interview

by admin on April 23, 2011

Alex Ariza, who has just returned from Baguio City, Philippines, where he and the five-time coach of the season, Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao were dealing with when preparing for the defense on May 7, his belt welterweight World Boxing Organization against Shane Mosley in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Ariza is in his seventh fight to work with Pacquiao (02/03/1952, 38 KOs), who’s searching for its 14th consecutive victory and ninth knockout at that time, when he faces three-division champion and five-time world champion , Mosley (46-6-139 KOs).

How’s working out of Manny Pacquiao to Shane Mosley?

I’ll be honest. It’s funny that I always ask exactly the same and try to dates back four years ago after i started working with Freddie. I usually say, ‘Never make a fighter based on his previous fight. “In other words, do not watch your dream with Sergio Mora Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather with. Miro Mosley’s fight where he bumped out Antonio Margarito or defeated Oscar De La Hoya twice. This is the Shane Mosley I hope. In the standpoint of training, and then we are training to Manny. To tell the truth, this training, I thought to Miguel Cotto training, since I have been with Cotto, which was the best we’ve had. But this training, and level of intensity and focus continues to be on top of that inclusive. Whenever we train for Cotto, I had been the one that established and isometric exercises, and polymers, and learning general. This time around, however, is Manny who says’ This is exactly what I do. Road and that i do which. ‘It is he who set those things.

Whenever you contain the conditioning you need to do based on who’s or more to Manny who is his opponent, or perhaps a combination?

Absolutely. We must not just base it on the opponent, but plays key point with what I do.

Unlike Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito, what must be manifested in Manny Pacquiao for his training will result in something against Shane Mosley in the ring?

Physically, I try to make Manny to Shane Mosley in a position or perhaps a pace which is not convenient, then, that Manny exceed that rate.

How different is that in the three previous opponents of Manny Pacquiao?

Well, I think Miguel Cotto, sure we did all that in the perspective of a conditioner desired to do. I believe the way that strengthened his body was enough and I believe everything was in place. We’re feeling that if I’d to face up to a hurricane or force the tempo with Cotto, Manny was able to do so.

What Manny Pacquiao served to withstand the punishment your body in the sixth assault by Margarito in the last fight?

I have to admit we made it happen the other way round there. Neglect many things we did for that fight with Cotto. Many think that did much to very small amount of time from the fight, and that’s where we suffer. I think if we had prepared once we did for Cotto, Manny would have bumped out Margarito. I believe with all the distraction of politics and being a member of Congress and such things as that, it took lots of our focus and prepare as normal. This time, it’s not been the situation. We know that Shane Mosley is dangerous, I think everyone knows that Shane Mosley is dangerous. Being with Freddie Roach for 4 years, I start to see the boxers in the same manner. I take a look at their origins, their race and where they are available.

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