Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Might Go to Showtime Not HBO

by admin on May 22, 2011

After determining to air Manny Pacquiao’s bout against Shane Mosley recently on Showtime instead of industry standard HBO, Top Rank boss Bob Arum sent ripples over the sport.

Many predicted that heads would roll at HBO, who with the continued absence of Floyd Mayweather had essentially lost their biggest attraction.

Some talked in the chance for boxing returning to network television sooner, while some wondered regarding the probabilities of pay per views backed by mainstream network advertising and potentially attracting new fans on the sport.

Undeniably it absolutely was a fantastic move by Arum, who inside the coming months will get lucrative offers from both HBO and Showtime for Pacquiao’s November clash with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Marquez vs. Pacquiao III met with mixed reactions from fans, media

For the time being, along with the ppv numbers for Pacquiao vs. Mosley being widely reported as between 1.3 and 1.4 million, Showtime would appear to offer the edge.

Bob Arum was quoted by BoxingScene’s Lem Satterfield as saying:

“Here’s some tips i can tell. Whoever supplies the best as well as the most assets to us in publicizing and promoting the battle, my feeling is that we’ll go with them.”

Showtime also provide the backing of parent network CBS, who along with television appearances for Pacquiao will offer much better reach using advertising, 115 million homes in comparison to HBO’s 28 million.

Clearly then HBO will either must pay from the nose or partner with a larger network themselves when they desire to attract Arum and Pacquiao into the fold.

Whether Arum will favor a little bit more currency and only more actual fans watching if your overall profit is actually a similar however is much from your certainty.

Many however are from the opinion that HBO’s decrease of Pacquiao was largely their unique fault, knowning that Arum’s motivations in moving the fight were a lot more than purely financial.

While in the event the leading light for boxing, HBO’s insufficient organization which has a long group of ill-advised and puzzling decisions over recent times has seen viewing figures fall dramatically and a lot of promoters lose faith.

Bob Arum and numerous other promoters for instance have accused HBO of favoring Al Haymon and Golden Boy fighters.

Mayweather blasts Pacquiao, hints that racism makes people are interested in him lose

Seemingly perfectly suitable bouts are already scrapped and opponents rejected for a lot of fighters, although some look like capable of fight whoever they choose with impunity.

By way of example Sebastian Zbik was rejected in March as an opponent for middleweight king Sergio Martinez, then again later approved for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Lately Paul Williams vs. Nobuhiro Ishida was basically approved, then downgraded to a different broadcast, and cancelled all inside the space of some days.

Double standards and indecisiveness not being admirable qualities for the network that features a good deal of influence on the game all together.

Showtime aren’t without faults that belongs to them the slightest bit. One has only to consider the mishandling of the Super Six Boxing Classic to view that they still need much to learn.

Problems with fighters dropping out in addition to home decisions have plagued the tournament, as have numerous delays.

They may be trying interesting things however, and seemingly aren’t as afraid to find out using their mistakes as HBO are most often. The Bantamweight tournament dispensed with the round robin concept simply used four participants, big improvement.

Unless HBO can provide Arum something which Showtime can’t come near to matching then, aforementioned seems the most likely substitute for air Pacquiao vs. Marquez.

Arum’s perceived mistreatment by HBO during the past coupled with higher pay per view numbers on Showtime will more than likely count for much set up financial resources are equal. Also with HBO she has constant competition for dates from Golden Boy, while with Showtime, he is able to essentially rule the roost.

Ardal Marisello, Pitt: “I obtain the feeling you will find going to be some changes at HBO soon, and also then Arum probably won’t turn back. Showtime treats him better and more fans see his fights, there is no doubt who he chooses for November”

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